AL-NASSR parfums

Al-NASSR has created a wide range of products to perfume your home and yourself.
The scents of the Orient united in top-of-the-range perfumes with or without alcohol.

AL-NASSR perfumes, incense and air fresheners

Al-NASSR distills for you rare products with oriental scents and offers them in its brand-new range of perfumes. We offer a collection that meets the highest quality standards in perfume and bakhoor (incense).


Our perfumes, deodorant incense or other derivatives are produced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by chemists and perfumers specializing in high quality products and materials made from oud and musk from several Far Eastern countries such as India, Cambodia, Thailand and many other countries. Add to that a mixture of fragrant essence from France and Spain.


Our perfumes, as well as the other products, comply with international legislation in all respects, particularly with regard to the quality of the essences and the design of the finished perfume.

We ensure that we comply with the concentration dosages and standards necessary for each AL-NASSR product in order to maintain a very good reputation with our large clientele throughout the world.


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Oriental perfumes
Parfumerie orientale Alnassr
An enchanting olfactory experience
Men with a strong and assertive personality will generally appreciate all the fragrances from this oriental family.
In addition, many odour combinations are based on oriental fragrances, resulting in many fragrance choices.

Oriental notes, combined with vanilla notes, form ideal flavours for mysterious men. Vanilla softens oriental smells while completing them to leave a bewitching trail in its path.

The fragrance typical of strong character men is made from woody notes combined with oriental touches that generate a powerful and enveloping scent.

In general, oriental fragrances, regardless of the touches associated with them, are ideal for men and women with strong personalities. These are generally persistent and intoxicating aromas that are noticed very quickly.